RollHealth – Overview


RollHealth "The Full Body Check up for your Rent Roll"

An intensive 3 day operational ‘Health Check’ of your property management business.
Ideal if you are preparing your rent roll for sale, or simply wanting to get under the bonnet
of your rent roll with a view to maximizing efficiency and value.

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Post RollHealth, you will receive a bound report containing key observations and recommendations
covering areas such as:

a) Business Profile (Size, Profile, Market Share, Core Activities)
b) Key Performance Indicators/Gauges
c) Staff Assessments – Survey Results, Key Observations & Position Descriptions
d) Current Business Model Analysis (Strengths & Weaknesses Matrix)
e) Resource Allocation and Efficiency Levels

Your report will also include a Key Audit Findings Scorecard which rates your:

a) Database Management
b) File Management
c) Key Management
d) Tenancy Rent Arrears Management
e) Maintenance Management
f) Risk Management

The findings are visually presented to Management via a 2 hour presentation that is designed to stimulate discussion and action items.


Strategic Partners

The Collins Street Consultancy Group

Global Rent Roll Services provides specialised consultancy services to The Collins Street Consultancy Group.

The Collins Street Consultancy Group

Buckmaster Hawkey (Victoria)

Buckmaster Hawkey (Victoria) is a recruitment consultancy that helps real estate and property industry employers source the best available employees for their organisation.

Buckmaster Hawkey (Victoria)